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Ejercicios para glúteos

ejercicios para gluteos

Los ejercicios para los glúteos son la manera más eficaz de moldear la los gluteos sin gastar una fortuna en riesgos y cirugías.

Sin embargo el desconocimiento de la manera correcta de realizar esta técnica provoca la frustración o en el peor de los casos lesiones musculares.

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Los glúteos son músculos, y como tales se forman con la alimentación adecuada y los ejercicios correctos. Muchas mujeres piensan que los mejores ejercicios para los glúteos  es el cardioo, esto es falso.

Si evitas los ejercicios cardio te ahorrarás tiempo e incluso dinero, ya que muchos planes de gimnasio cuestan bastante tanto que no compensan los beneficios.

A continuación podrás ver alguno de los ejercicios más populares para glúteos,así como saber cuales son los mejores ejercicios dicho por los expertos y una rutina de glúteos en casa para que podrás tonificar vuestros glúteos en cualquier momento.


Ejercicios para glúteos


Glúteos en Barra


Hip Thrust

Patada en polea



Levantamiento de cintura


Elevación pierna tumbado de gluteo

Patada tumbado


Arrodillado en Smith 



Pull Through 




Los 10 mejores ejercicios de gluteos

Estos 10 ejercicios que te muestro a continuación, son los mejores ejercicios de glúteos para reafirmar y conseguir un gluteo de 10.Estos ejercicios están basados en uno de los expertos de talla mundial en ejercicios de gluteo como es Bret Contreras.

This is exercise 1/10 for the Men's Health Glute Project: the Barbell Hip Thrust. Please make sure you're doing it this way for maximum results. #Repost @menshealthmag with @repostapp ・・・ Stop suffering from saggy-ass syndrome with a little help from Bret “Glute Guy” Contreras and @Soheefit. This Barbell Hip Thrust from @bretcontreras1 is a low-skill, low-impact move that opens up your hip flexors and activates your glute and core muscles. Best of all? Building your butt is critical in preventing and alleviating lower back pain. Check out the video above to learn how to do it. #MHGluteProject #MHFit #Glutes #ButtWorkout #BuildYourButt #ThrustIsAMust #🍑 #gluteguy #glutelab #thethrustisamust

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This is exercise 2/10 for the Men's Health Glute Project: the Frog Pump. 🐸💪🏽 #Repost @menshealthmag with @repostapp ・・・ This is one of the best moves for building a strong, rock-solid butt 🍑 Watch the video above to find out why @bretcontreras1 “The Glute Guy” and model @karey_northington swears by Frog Pumps for epic glute gains. #MHFit #fitness #GluteGuy #ThrustIsAMust #FrogPumps #AllAboutTheGlutes #HipThrust #glutelab #frogpumpsfordays

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Here is exercise 3/10 for the Men's Health Glute Project: the knee-banded barbell glute bridge. #Repost @menshealthmag with @repostapp ・・・ You may have seen this move in yoga class—but don’t underestimate it. You need to starting doing the Knee Banded Barbell Glute Bridge from @bretcontreras1 and @soheefit for a stronger 🍑Here’s how to perform it like a pro: 1️⃣Place the barbell just above your pubic bone with a bar pad like the squat sponge. 2️⃣Keep your chin tucked and flatten your lower back against the floor to start each rep. 3️⃣Lift your toes off the floor and push through your heels to maximize glute activation. Bret recommends starting with 3 sets of 20 reps with a light load on the barbell (or just your bodyweight if needed). From there, progress to using a heavier weight for 3 sets of 8 to 12 reps. #MHFIt #MHGluteProject #BretContreras #Glutes #GluteWorkout #ThrustIsAMust #🍑#glutelab #gluteguy

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This is exercise 4/10 from the @menshealthmag Glute Project: the rounded back extension. Do it this way if glute gains are your primary goal. Thanks to @karey_northington for modeling the movement. #gluteguy #glutelab #MHGluteProject

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Here's exercise 5/10 from the Men's Health Glute Project: the band hip thrust #Repost @menshealthmag with @repostapp ・・・ Build a better butt with this move from @bretcontreras1 and @karey_northington 🍑The barbell hip thrust is the king of glute exercises, but dead weight isn't the only way to light your glutes on fire. Bands, or elastic resistance, are also an amazing ass-sculpting variation to throw into the mix. Watch the video above, grab a band, and start building a better butt today! #MHGluteProject #TheThrustIsAMust #Glutes #AllAbouttheGlutes #GlutesWorkout #GlutesDay #🍑#glutelab #gluteguy

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Here's glute exercise 6/10 for the Men's Health Glute Project: the band quadruped hip extension. I stole this from my buddy @nathaliamelofit who knows glutes like a boss. Thanks to @soheefit for demo'ing and @bjgaddour for keeping me in line. Dudes, you can do this too, it burns real real nice. #Repost @menshealthmag with @repostapp ・・・ IT’S ALL ABOUT THE GLUTES 🍑 This exercise from @bretcontreras1 and @soheefit might look a little feminine, but real men all over the world are using it to improve hip function and athletic performance and make that peach pop. Bret recommends doing 3 sets of 20 to 30 reps per side with 45 seconds of rest between sets. You can do these as a starter or finisher or even as an accessory move the next time you train your lower body. And because they're easy to recover from, you can also do these on off-days for some extra glute work. #MHFit #MHGluteProject #Fitness #Glutes #AllAboutheGlutes #GluteGains #gluteguy #glutelab

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Here's exercise 7/10 for the Men's Health Glute Project: the 431 Sumo Squat. Lean forward to hit more glutes, lower for 4 seconds, pause for 3 seconds, then rise quickly. I love this exercise (I use a 100 lb db) and hope you will too. #Repost @menshealthmag with @repostapp ・・・ The 4-3-1- Dumbbell Sumo Squat Workout from @bretcontreras1 and @soheefit will spur new muscle growth while using lighter loads than normal. Watch the video above for 4 key performance pointers from The Glute Guy that will guarantee you get the most out of your 🍑 #MHGluteProject #MHFit #Glutes #GluteWorkout #Glutes #AllAboutTheGlutes #glutelab #gluteguy

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Here's exercise 8/10 for the Men's Health Glute Project: the high step up. Make sure you do it as I advise in the video if your goal is to hit the glutes. #Repost @menshealthmag with @repostapp ・・・ THE HIGH STEPUP as demonstrated by @bretcontreras1 and @karey_northington is a classic strength and conditioning exercise that should be a staple in anyone’s training program. When it comes to step ups, the higher the box, the greater you work your butt due to the increased flexion at the hip. The key to selecting the right box height is to go as high as you can without rounding your lower back or shifting your hips to the side. For most people, that's anywhere from 20 to 30 inches based on individual hip mobility and limb length. Bret recommends doing 3 sets of 8 to 12 reps. Too easy? Then hold on to dumbbells with both hands or wear a weight vest to step up your glute game. #MHGluteProject #MHFit #LegDay #Glutes #GrowYourGlutes #BretContreras #🍑#gluteguy #glutelab

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Here is exercise 10/10 for the Men's Health Glute Project: the extended range side lying hip abduction. This will torch your upper glutes (glute med and upper glute max). #Repost @menshealthmag (@get_repost) ・・・ The Extended Range, Side-Lying Hip Abduction from @bretcontreras1 and @soheefit is the only move you need to totally blast your glutes in a single session. Doing it off a bench allows you to extend the range of motion to make the move more difficult and stimulate more muscle growth. Bret recommends 2 sets of 20 to 30 reps on each side with minimal rest between sides. Once you master these, consider adding an ankle weight to give your glutes another reason to hate you. You can add this move into your routine in any of the following ways: 1️⃣Use it as a warmup move on leg day (or glute day) 2️⃣Perform it as an accessory exercise after heavy hip thrusts, squats, or deadlifts 3️⃣Use it an an active recovery exercise on "off days" 4️⃣Do it as a "filler" between sets of non-competitive upper body exercise. #MHGluteProject #MHFit #Glutes #GluteGains #🍑#glutelab #gluteguy

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Rutina de ejercicios para glúteos en casa

Esta rutina es una rutina convencional que podremos realizar en casa perfectamente y nos darán muy buenos resultados para obtener unos glúteos elevados y redondos.

Se realizarán 3 series de 15 repeticiones 4 ejercicios a elegir.Lo apropiado es que vayáis variando para obtener mejores resultados.

Realizar 2 días seguidos los ejercicios elegidos y uno de descanso para ver resultados pronto.

También calentar y hacer unos cuantos estiramientos durante 10 minutos antes de empezar.

Si queréis realizar los ejercicios en casa y no tenéis  un palo para ponerte en los hombros, puedes utilizar la escoba.

Por ejemplo:

Hoy y mañana realizamos los ejercicios 1.3.5 y 1.1

Descansamos pasado mañana.

Al día siguiente de descansar volvemos a elegir cuatro ejercicios intentando variar lo máximo posible, por ejemplo 2,4,2.2 y 3.3.

ejercicios para glúteos

ejercicios para glúteos

ejercicios para glúteos

squats dificiles ejercicios para glúteos

ejercicios para glúteos

Suelo ejercicios para glúteos


ejercicios para glúteos


Sentadilla ejercicios para glúteos





Ejercicios para glúteos
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